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  • 6/24/22 - Tentative Agreement with AT&T Mobility
    Updated On: Jun 28, 2022

    CWA AT&T Mobility Orange - Tentative Agreement 

    We have reached a tentative agreement for CWA members under the Orange contract at AT&T Mobility! The agreement includes substantial improvements in wages and working conditions. This is your victory. Our bargaining team could not have achieved this breakthrough tentative agreement without the hard work that you did mobilizing.

    The agreement includes adjustments for inflation, limits mandatory overtime, curtails the outsourcing of jobs to authorized retailers, adds privacy protections for call center representatives who are working from home, increases parental leave, extends job security protections, and more! With this agreement, we have the security of knowing that our wages will continue to grow over the next four years.

    Read on through the following pages to get all the details about what’s in the tentative agreement.

    CWA members will vote on ratifying the agreement. Your Local will be in touch with you with more details about the upcoming ratification vote.

    Together, we showed that we can make improvements at work when we stick together and mobilize. Let this be a sign to all companies that put profits above workers: when we stand together, we win!

    Highlights of Tentative Agreement

    1. Duration of Contract

    The terms of the contract will become effective upon ratification and will remain in effect until 11:59pm on February 13, 2026.

    2. Wages and Other Compensation

    The combined 4-year base wage increase will result in a minimum compounded 14.7% wage increase by the end of the contract, even without including the new inflation protections and title-specific upgrades described below.

    A one time bonus of $500 will be paid if the contract is ratified by July 30, 2022.

    In addition, 5-months of our initial 5% wage increase, retroactive to February 12, will be paid following ratification.

    a. General Wage Increase

    The increases listed below will be applied to the top in the basic wage schedules on the date indicated. There will be no increase at the start rate, and all other steps will be exponentially increased:

    • ➔  5% effective February 12, 2022

    • ➔  3% *plus COLA effective February 12, 2023

    • ➔  3% *plus COLA effective February 11, 2024

    • ➔  3% *plus COLA effective February 9, 2025

      b. Wage Adjustments to Protect Against Inflation

      Effective with each annual General Wage Increase for years 2023, 2024, 2025, an adjustment will be made in the basic weekly rates in each wage schedule to account for high inflation levels in 2022, 2023, and 2024 respectively.

      For 2023, the amount of the adjustment shall be 0.5 times the increase above three percent (3%) in the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics “CPI-W” (1982-1984=100) for

    December 2022 over December 2021. The adjustment will be added to the 2023 General Wage Increase and applied exponentially to the wage table with no change to starting wages.

    This same formula will be updated for the following years and applied to wage increases in 2024 and 2025. However, in no event shall the wage increase for 2023, 2024, or 2025 exceed 5% in total.

    c. Title Specific Wage Upgrades

    We achieved our goal of upgrading customer service center jobs:

    1. In Consumer – the Customer Service Representative I, and Customer Support Specialist will move to the upgraded Premier Service Consultant job title. CSR II, CSR II C-2 will remain pay protected with General Wage Increases paid out as a lump sum of a percentage of their annual wages.

      CSR-WFH and Customer Support Specialist-WFH will move to the new title of Premier Service Consultant – WFH.

    2. In Business – The Customer Support Specialist, BCSS I and BCSS II will move to the upgraded Business Premier Service Consultant.

    3. Call Center BCSS IIs that have been identified as doing technical work will be moved to a new title: Technical Support Specialist.

      In addition: Several wage tables for existing titles are being increased:

    4. Retail Service Consultant – 2022 Step 13 base wage increased from $833. Weekly to a new maximum of $898 – (with no money taken from the minimum commission guarantee Letter of Agreement).

    5. Coordinator 2 Title wage table upgraded to a new max of $1,161.50 for 2022.

    6. Client Service Specialist wage table upgraded to a new max of $1,007.

    7. Integrated Sales Support Representative wage table upgraded to a new max of $1,175 weekly.

    8. Integrated Solutions Representative base wage table upgraded to a new max of $985.

      As always, any employee over the max for their title’s wage table will still receive the General Wage Increases in a lump sum annually.

      The 2022 General Wage Increase will be retroactive to February 12, 2022.

    d. Other Improvements to Compensation and Paid Time Off


    • ●  Cap on mandatory over-time of eight (8) hours weekly – currently there is NO cap on how much mandatory OT can be forced on employees.

    • ●  Time and one half will be paid for hours worked in excess or eight (8) in a day (an improvement from 11 hours).

    • Differentials:

      • ○  On Call Duty – The daily rate for on-call pay will be increased $5 per day from

        $37 to $42. per day.

      • ○  Call out payment increased from one hour to two hours of the technicians

        basic wage rate.

      • ○  Call Center Multi-lingual differential increased to $6 per day from $5, not to

        exceed $30. Weekly.

    • ●  Added MLK Day to list of Holidays in the CBA and Retail Holiday scheduling language to Article 23.

    • ●  Excused Days With Pay – The New Hires will be eligible for two of the four EWP days upon hiring, one additional at three months, and the fourth EWP at six months. This is an improvement over having to wait until the year an employee has 12 months.

    • ●  EWPs now also count toward hours worked to get time-and-a-half at 40 hours.

    • ●  “Funeral” changed to “Recognition of Death” in the immediate family to care for

      employees not being paid if no funeral or memorial service was held.

    • ●  New improved Sales Quota Relief formula to be implemented for Retail RSCs and IHX Integrated Solutions Consultants.

    • ●  Work From Home MOA for Premier Service Consultants - WFH:

      • ○  $55 per month internet stipend for all Premier Service Consultants – WFH title.

        (Employees in States where reimbursement is required by State law will get

        the higher of the two payments).

      • ○  Limits on company’s use of web cameras

      • ○  Options to use Exchange Time, Excused Time, or other PTO if the WFH

        employee loses power/internet at their home.

      • ○  Link to Union website for electronic bulletin board

        Call Center attendance policy improvement of points rolling off at six months. For ISSR and ISR titles, the current attendance and performance plan will remain in effect. No changes to attendance policies through February 11, 2025.

    ● For the Exempt, Salaried Integrated Solutions Representative:

    • Annual wage increases – for those over the new max pay step, you will remain at your pay and receive the GWI in a lump sum payment

    • No change to attendance and performance policies.

    • No cap on sick days.

    • No reset to medical Deductibles or Out of Pocket max when moving from non-bargained plan to one of the bargained plans.

    • Seniority scheduling in Article 12 applies.

    • Differentials in Article 19 do not apply to this salaried title.

    • List of bargained for Holiday applies

    • ISR employees directed to work on a Holiday will be given another day off to be taken at a later date.

    • New Letter for Sales Quota Relief for ISR.

    • An ISR Compensation Committee consisting of ISRs from each Orange District will meet twice per year to discuss compensation.

    • New letter for ISRs to receive a minimum annual commission of $15,000 upon 100% of target. This is not lowering the current $20,000 annual that the company targets this title’s commission at, but provides a floor that the company cannot go below.

    • ISRs will be included in the Employment Security Commitment in case of surplus, and the minimum commission amount for ISRs will be added to their base wages for purposes of slotting and pay protection.

      Please see the attached documents on wages:

    1. Wage tables for titles moving to one of the 7 new wage tables and how the 2022 GWI plus the move works.

    2. Wage tables for the life of the Agreement for all titles without the COLA added

    ● These tables are the minimum because they are calculated without the Cost

    of Living protection which is part of the Agreement. Based on the economy these could result in an additional 2% in each subsequent year of the contract.

    3. Job Security

    a. Call Center Share Commitment

    The company agrees to bring the level of call flow to at least 9% by December 31, 2022 and no less than 10% through 2023, 2024 and 2025. The company will provide quarterly reports to CWA so that the union can ensure compliance. If the call flow percentage should fall below the agreed upon levels, there will be no involuntary surpluses declared unless there is an extraordinary drop in total call volume or other adverse economic reasons for the decline.

    The company also agreed to post and fill 250 call center jobs in each year of the Agreement.

    page5image1108087232 page5image1108087520page5image1108087808page5image1108088160

    b. Employment Security Commitment

    • ●  All titles in Orange now included in the Employment Security Commitment

    • ●  This ESC applies to each surplus, not just those caused by a center or store


      c. New – MOA for Retail Store Operations versus Authorized Retailers

      ATTM agrees to keep Company Owned Stores at no less than 20% of the Total Stores operating in each calendar year of this CBA. During any period of shortfall, the Company shall not close any COR Retail locations and shall not declare any involuntary surplus in all or any of the Orange COR Stores unless there are adverse economic or business conditions.

      4. Healthcare

    • ●  Maintains fair cost share

    • ●  Moves all employees hired after January 1, 2017 from “new hire” category to “current employees” for healthcare costs and creates a “new hire” category for post January 1, 2023 new hires.

    • ●  The company subsidy to the bargained health care plan for will begin on the date of hire for both the individual and family starting in 2023.

    • ●  Two (2) weeks of Paid Parental Leave added.

    • ●  A new higher deductible Option 3 added as an option.

    • ●  Health Savings Account with a company contribution is available beginning with 2023 plan with certain options.

    • ●  Under Option 2 and the new Option 3 plan, preventive medications critical for the treatment of congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, asthma, depression, and osteoporosis will be exempted from the deductible. This will improve the affordability of the health plan for members with these conditions.

      We kept pensions for new hires, raised the Tuition reimbursement caps, maintained the Short Term Disability plan and fought off other company demands to win a strong TA!

    Pat Telesco, District 1
    Tonya Hodges, District 1
    Michael Baxter, Local 1101  
    Frank Oliva, Local 1298
    Hannah Long, Local 2204
    Jeff Reamer, Local 13000
    Julie Daloisio, Local 13500
    Renee Rouser, Local 4320
    Danielle Brewer-Collier, Local 4900
    Corey Davis, Local 7103
    Rosa Wilson, Local 7110
    Alex Dorado, Local 9421
    Erdem Onder, Local 9509

    Note: All 2022 bargaining reports are located under the AT&T tab of the website


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